Need a trainer that takes a firm, authoritative approach to your transformation? Look no further. Here are the training options I offer:

  • Distance training and accountability – $150/month (3 month minimum)
    • Live outside the Birmingham area and need someone to whip you into shape? Looking for accountability on your daily food intake? I provide your workouts every week, tailored to your needs. We also discuss your daily eating habits, tweaking them to gain control over your fitness results. Be sure to do your homework, though.
  • One-on-one personal training – $300-440/month (3 month minimum)
    • Personal training with a Dominant bent. Submit to building your best self with one-on-one training at our independent facility just outside of downtown Birmingham. We’ll push your physical limits to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals together. Pricing covers either 2 or 3 sessions per week.
  • Baby Steps 90 day map to goals – $50/month (included with other options)
    • My signature training tool. In order to reach your health goals, you’ll need a roadmap to get there. Using our initial consultation and bi-weekly chats, I’ll give you the week-by-week steps that move you towards your larger 90 day goals. With Baby Steps, small steps of progress lead to massive results over time. What are Baby Steps?