Breaking Down the Baby Steps Process

I realized something this week--something really important: “I talk a lot about Baby Steps, but do I ever really define what that means?” It’s been awhile since I actually addressed that topic; here’s the original writing about my philosophy. Seems like a simple idea, too. Like any half-decent idea, you can sum it up in one … Continue reading Breaking Down the Baby Steps Process

February Weight Loss Reflection

When it comes to creating your transformation story, it's vital to show the ups and downs along the way. Amrita's doing just that in her blog here and seeing solid results. Congrats on dropping 1.7% bodyfat in a month!   Source: February Weight Loss Reflection

Buying Back the Future – Ideas

Buying Back the Future – Ideas to Get You Started Ride a bike. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Join a group fitness class. Take walks with your kids. Eat more veggies than meat. Drink less soda. Use apps to track food intake (ex. MyFitnessPal) Join a gym. Use the gym. Use activities as rewards, … Continue reading Buying Back the Future – Ideas

Progression of Weight Loss Plateaus

I came across this blog post that had some eye-opening things to say about weight loss plateaus. Here's a quote that sums it up nicely: Dieters need to know that the short-term goals of a weight loss program are to run into as many weight loss plateaus as necessary to hit that “final” weight loss … Continue reading Progression of Weight Loss Plateaus

Your Friends and Family are Stupid

Dori really speaks out about setting boundaries with the people around you.
You don’t have to eat everything you’re offered.
You don’t have to keep crap food in your house (I don’t).
It’s okay to disappoint Nana now and then. 🙂

Fat Girls Fitness

Romantic Love

Enough about love. Let’s talk about hate.

The People You Love are Killing You

Some people are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people with healthy habits. Most of us fall into a different category.

Being fit takes work. And if the people in your life support your efforts, then that is a beautiful thing. If not, it might be time to make some very difficult changes.

Failure to Respect Boundaries

Some people will  never respect your boundaries.

Maybe it’s your friends who tell you to “live a little” while pushing a plate of nachos in your face. It could be your colleagues who tell you, unprompted, that they’d rather be “fat and happy” than deprive themselves. Perhaps you have an Italian grandmother, who despite your morbid obesity, insists that you’ll starve to death if you don’t have another meatball.  And also, don’t forget your coat.

Losing weight is so hard…

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