I spent five years of my life with a weight loss company that promoted 90 day health challenges. During that time, I saw one weight loss success story after another come to life; I even lost 100 lbs during that time! Before I left that company as a promoter, I found the pattern that undermined so many successes: what came after Day 90? What kept these new weight loss accomplishments alive after people reached their goals?

For many people, achieving that 90 day goal–running their first 5K, losing 20 lbs, lowering their A1C levels–meant losing momentum on Day 91. I’m no stranger to this loss of momentum, either; since I stopped committing to my own 90 day challenges, I’ve regained as much as 25 lbs from my great 100 lb weight loss journey. My former company fellows also saw creeping weight gains after their initial transformations. Some people lost half their body weight, only to go right back to the starting point, PLUS some pounds , within 18 months! This happened far more often than not, likely contributing to said weight loss company nearly vanishing from the scene after its meteoric rise.

Goals Aren’t the Problem–It’s the Lack of More Goals

After reading this article from fitness writer Tom Venuto, I’m reminded about how we need something to work towards in order to stay on track towards a healthier lifestyle. Personally, my default is comfort: reading instead of lifting, burgers before broccoli, and always saying “yes” to sweets (I’m looking at you, Breakup Cookie from Church Street Coffee). I only stayed committed to my weight loss process when I had my 90 day goals, stacked one after the other. Without the “one goal for now, one for later” approach that Venuto describes in his article, healthy lifestyle gives way to baseline, unhealthy habits.

Now, I’m not telling you all this because I’ve suddenly got my goals all lined up for the rest of 2018. This Gym Dom is riding the struggle bus today, just like you. What I do know is this: I will not re-lose my extra 25 lbs without committing to short-term goals again, one after the other. Without that plan in place, I’ll continue to drift along, just like you might be drifting now.

I will tell you this, though: my soft belly tells me that I’m sick of drifting along again, defaulting back to my old ways like so many of my weight loss colleagues from the old company days. It’s time to plan again, and I’ll be pulling from Tom Venuto’s article to regain that foothold on healthier living through weight loss. Are you with me? Comment below with your own goals: one for now, one for later.

Until next time, I still believe in you.

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