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I came across this article about football coach Nick Saban recently that made an important point about paying the price for your goals. While I don’t follow sports in any fashion, I found his success philosophy applicable to our discussions on healthy lifestyle shifts. Here’s the main quote from the coach himself:

“But the fact of the matter is, is if you want to be good, you really don’t have a lot of choices, because it takes what it takes. You have to do what you have to do to be successful. So you have to make choices and decisions to have the discipline and focus to the process of what you need to do to accomplish your goals.” – Nick Saban

Regardless of your feelings on the source–I couldn’t care less about football or coaches–the message stands clear. When you set that lifestyle goal for yourself, then the choice has already been made to reach it. The price to achieve your goals can be high. Losing 50 lbs or 80 lbs or 100 lbs? It takes what it takes. There’s a price to be paid for those goals, and there’s no way to avoid that. You’ve made the choice to reach that goal; now, all that’s left is to commit to the process.

How bad do you want it? At the end of the day, that’s the main question you have to ask yourself. How badly do I want to reach my health goal? How badly do I want to hike with my kids? How badly do I want to lower my body fat, thereby reducing my risk for heart disease? How badly do I want to live an active life into my 70s, 80s, or beyond?

Set the goal. Make the choice to see it through, no matter what. Pay that price, day after day, for the lifestyle you want. Once you commit to the process, all that’s left is the understanding that the choice has already been made. Follow through on it.

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