Alright, I’ve got a confession to make. I fell off my routine recently. I haven’t had a full, regular workout in a week; my training schedule for myself has been spotty for a month. I feel a little flabby, a lot embarrassed, and tremendously relieved to get that off my chest.

See, it’s not the falling off of your personal plan that stops us cold. It’s falling off and just never getting around to starting again. A training routine is easy to fall off of because it’s not like eating lunch or driving to work: it’s easy not to do. It’s easy to forget to plan it out in advance and stick to that plan. Shit, that’s what happened to me: I just forgot to plan my own training! It happened, and now I’m getting back to work. Here’s the three steps I’m using to get back in the workout saddle this week:

1) Admit your faults publicly.

You feel that little twinge when you read that statement? That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride (Thanks, Marcellus Wallace). Putting on that brave face of being on top of your plan when you fell off does no one any favors. At best, your friends think they’re inadequate because they fell off, too. At worst, you’re found out as a phony because you lied about your training efforts. When you own your shit publicly, it actually wins you respect and something even more important—accountability. Now that I’ve outed myself as being off my game, you’d best believe that I’m back on track already!

2) Get your workouts on the schedule now.

I fell off track with my workouts because I didn’t prioritize them. I stopped prioritizing them because they weren’t on my schedule. It’s a simple lesson that I often forget: what gets planned usually gets done. So plan your workouts this week.

I recommend a simple 3-workout system. My workouts work out best on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings before 10 am. Yours might fall into your lunch hour or during the evenings after work. Whatever times work best for you, stick to them.

3) Remember why you started in the first place.

Just like it’s easier to keep on track with your workouts when they’re on the schedule for today, remember why you wanted to do them in the first place. Motivation wavers constantly; why else would it be easier to do nothing than to do something? On your workout days, stop for a moment and remind yourself why you’re getting back on track with your program.

My reason for starting to work out was simple: I wanted to lose 100 lbs and start living my life for once. While the weight loss goal has been done for years, I still want to live a leaner, healthier lifestyle. That’s only possible for me if I get back on my workout routine immediately. What’s your reason for moving?

Baby Steps

This baby step is simple. Just get started. No “I’ll go on Monday” or “maybe I can get back to walking after the ballgame this weekend.” Remember what Ross Perot told us: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

I believe in you.

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