When it comes to teaching weight loss and lifestyle change, I’ve been in the game a long time—5 ½ years, in fact. I have to tell you, it gets tiring to focus on the same goals for that long, too. Some people have been running after their same goals for years, too: losing weight, getting in shape, becoming more active, etc. You get so used to the struggle that you lose sight of that excitement from when you started.

Today, I’m going to flip the script. Today, I’m starting back at Day 1: setting a brand new goal, getting new routines in place, and running for my end result all over again. If that makes you groan and think, “Why the hell would I want to start all over again and run for the end until whenever?” then let me show you the new goal line.

Today, we’re running for a 90 day goal. Now the question is, why?

1) Nothing motivates us like a fresh start.

Think back to that first workout, that first day when you woke up and said, “Today is the day that I take back my life!” Remember how excited you felt on that morning? You were getting your health back! You’d tell your friends about how you were making these changes in your lifestyle to have the life that you deserved again. Hell, I get pumped up just writing about it!

You see, nothing motivates us like a fresh start. By starting back at Day 1 on our health journey, we can recapture that same enthusiasm for change that lit us up back in the day. I remember my Day 1: February 1, 2011. Even though I was scared as shit about my weight loss journey, I felt a twinge of excitement as I looked in the bathroom mirror and said, “This is the last day anyone will ever see you like this.” That feeling of anticipation, of determination, propelled me into that first 90 day goal and beyond. Think back to how you felt on your Day 1, and realize that you can give yourself that same feeling again today. 

2) See the goal line.

Weight loss and other lifestyle shifts are tough as shit. You know why? It’s because we don’t know where it’s going to end, so we keep going and going and going until, one day, we just say, “Fuck it” and quit. If I’d approached my own weight loss goal in this way back in 2011, I would’ve burned out a long time ago and be either obese or dead today.

When we break our lifestyle journey into 90 day goals, we can see that next finish line every single day. Instead of saying, “I hope that I can fit into a bikini by next spring,” we say, “I’ve got 90 days to lose this 30 lbs. I’m on Day 13 right now and lost 3 lbs so far. That gives me 77 more days to drop the next 27 lbs.”

See the difference? The first goal comes off as vague and wishful. I can’t see the goal line because it’s undefined . The second goal gives a clearly defined target; I can pursue it because I know exactly where it ends. When you work from a 90 day goal, you can count down to its completion. That countdown to Day 90 also gives you a constant reminder to stay on track with your goals, with little stumbles here and there. We can’t put off our cardio session until next week—we’re on Day 37. The clock is ticking!

3) Reset the clock, then do it again. And again.

Let’s fast-forward to Day 90. Congratulations on reaching your goal! Now, what’s next?

You do it again. Set that new 90 day goal—one that excites you just like the last one. Actually, this new 90 day goal will get you even more fired up because you’ve seen what you can do when you focus on that one goal for a specific period of time. Day 1 is coming up again tomorrow, so it’s time to plan. Look back at what worked in this last 90 day goal and apply those lessons into your planning. The race is over. It’s time to race again!

Baby Steps

I know what you’re thinking: “Brett, this sounds good and all. How do I actually put together a 90 day plan that’s got a good chance of working?” It’s a process, really. I’ll be coming back to that in my next post, which I will link to at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, I want you to write your answer to this question:

“What health or lifestyle goal could I reach for myself in 90 days if I really pushed myself?”

I believe in you.

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