Looking to lose weight in the second half of your life? You’re in luck! Here’s 5 tips that I shared with one of my current clients who’s in her 50s. She’s seeing great results so far, and I know you will, too. Remember: baby steps of progress lead to massive changes over time.

1) Eat more carbs and protein at lunch, especially post-workout.

Training hard in the gym will burn calories and drain energy reserves that you’ll need during the day. Be sure to eat some lean protein (grilled chicken or fish work well here) for muscle recovery. Include a healthy carb source (sweet potato, brown rice, leafy veggies, beans) to restore energy for the rest of the day.


2) Simplify breakfast by making it healthy.

A lot of people tend to skip breakfast for the sake of time or lack of hunger in the morning. Shift that pattern over to something that will feed your body and jump-start your metabolism for the day. I

If time is short, a good nutrient-rich meal replacement shake can get you going in less than 5 minutes. I recommend the Vi Shape shake by ViSalus; find it on Amazon.com or ask your local Vi promoter. If you’ve got a few extra minutes to sit and eat, steel-cut oats with fresh blueberries work well, giving you slow-burning carbs for energy and dynamite nutrition in one bowl. Plus, these healthy alternatives keep you away from calorie bombs like drive-thru breakfasts or doughnuts at the office.


3) Shift your caffeine source.

My client has a fondness for Coke, especially in the afternoon: it gives her that energy pick-me-up that she needs when feeling sluggish. Of course, that same pick-me-up comes loaded with high fructose corn syrup, which effectively blocks her efforts to lose weight.

When it comes to caffeine, go for low calorie and low sugar whenever possible. Coffee works well for getting that caffeine fix; hot tea does the trick, as well. Be cautious about what you put into these drinks, though: move towards minimal sweetener to keep the calorie count low. If it’s the carbonation that you crave over the caffeine, opt for carbonated waters like La Croix or Dasani instead.


4) Drink water deliberately (water bombs).

Our bodies need water much more often than we think. Get your body that sweet hydration with regular “water bombs”—a 16 oz. bottled water drank as quickly as possible every 4 hours. Following this routine gives you an extra 64 oz of water daily to get all of those great health benefits of proper hydration:


  • Transports essential nutrients throughout the body and rids the body of waste
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections

Chug it!


5) Create a 90-day goal that you can focus on daily.

This last point can literally make or break your weight loss progress at age 50 or any other. By writing out a clear, 90 day progression towards an attainable goal, you give your brain the proper timeline to establish lasting habits that feed your weight loss efforts.


The beauty of a 90 day goal is that it’s long enough to make you stretch towards your destination, and it’s close enough to always see the end point. Look back at tips 1-4 here: could you follow them for 90 days? Of course you could! There’s even room to stumble along the way to your clear, measurable goal at the end of it. Instead of saying, “I sure would like to lose weight soon,” you can say, “I’m taking baby steps towards my goal to lose 20 lbs within the next 90 days. I’m on Day 13 and lost 3 lbs already. I can do this!”


Baby Steps

I’m giving you the same advice that’s gotten my 50+ year old client on the path to weight loss and better health. These baby steps lead to massive results over time when you take them. Follow the path, and share your results with those people who will support you—people like me.

I believe in you.

For more tips on transforming your body one “baby step” at a time, be sure to Follow me on Facebook or Twitter, check out my blog archive, or send me a message.

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