Harsh language ahead.

I talk a lot about changing your life. I get that. People tell me that it’s hard, and I get that, too. I’ve spent 5+ years in the health field in one way or another. The excuses I see are all the same (I’ve given a lot of these myself, too):

  • I can’t start because no one told me what to do.
  • I need an accountability partner.
  • It’s too much trouble to make changes to my life.
  • I’ll never stick with this plan.
  • I can’t do that (eat new foods, get regular exercise, learn a new skill, etc.).
  • I like the opposite too much.

Cut the shit.

Kick Your Own Ass

I why people say this. Like I said, I’ve been that same person and still am, at times. It’s easier to wait. It’s easy to say, “Well, the right person just won’t step up and tell me what to do. I’ll just keeping sitting here and waiting until they do.” Meanwhile, the situation doesn’t improve at all.

Why not try a different approach? Instead of waiting for someone else to come along and push you around, just do it your damn self. Quit making the excuses about how you can’t go it alone and just start. Stop whining about how it’s hard to hold yourself accountable and just fucking do it.

Sure, the road is long. It’s bumpy, too. No one’s going to drive you forward until you start first. Stop wasting your time waiting for the starting gun to go off and just pull the trigger your damn self.

NOTE: I got a little hot and bothered on this one, I’ll admit. The sentiment rings true, though: don’t wait forever to someone to fix you. I did that for too long, and it damn near killed me. Kick your own ass first, and you’ll find people to help you keep going. I believe in you. Image source.
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One thought on “Why Keep Waiting? Pull the Trigger Your Damn Self!

  1. This is my absolute favorite post of yours. It really speaks to me because for a long time I was waiting for the “right” moment to start my weight loss journey. But then one day, for lack of a better term, I just snapped. Now, I know that since having a baby, I am having to start over again. But it was the same mentality. I was waiting for something or someone to come along and help me. But that’s not how it works. I’m so lucky to have known Brett for a few years and so I reached out to him for help. This blog has been a big influence on me. I usually read it while doing my bike exercises to help me push thru and keep me focused. Like he says here, but the shit and start on your own. I’m more greatful than I know I will ever be able to express to Brett for all the advice and help he’s given me. Without it, I’m not sure I would be able to stay on track. Thank you, my friend.


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