Weigh-ins matter. I know it’s an obvious statement, but hear me out.

Weekly weigh-ins that measure lean body mass, fat weight, and inches lost at different points on your body convey a clear message of progress on your health journey. I used to do my measurements on whatever day of the week occurred to me, only to see varying results. My weight fluctuated wildly, and I didn’t know to check my inches for most of my weight loss time.

During my current fitness research, I came across a statement in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto that suggests taking those measurements on Monday of every week. Monday? Why not Saturday morning when I’m relaxed and don’t have much to do? Why not Wednesday or Tuesday?

Here’s 3 reasons why I think Monday should be your weekly weigh-in:

1) Monday holds you accountable for the weekend.

Saturday was always my cheat day. If I had sweets or a bacon cheeseburger during the week, it tended to happen on Saturday. We tend to equate the weekend with being “off”–off from the office, from our bedtime, from our diet. When I hit an 8-month weight loss plateau, it’s because my Saturdays got just calorically stupid. Monday weigh-ins mean that, if we want to see good results on our weekly scale progress, we’d better stay “on” our plan while we’re “off” from everything else.

2) Consistency counts in measuring.

Creating habits, “Baby Step” style, creates the lifestyle we choose. By disciplining ourselves to measure our results on the same day every week, we add one more disciplined element to our health journey. Monday starts a fresh week for most of us, so we can use this day to map out how we proceed with our plan for the coming week.

3) Same conditions, different week.

As I said in the last point, we tend to follow patterns, especially when preparing for our work week. Specifically, Sundays likely follow a certain pattern for you, just as they do for me: relax, recreation, early-ish bedtime. A Sunday routine means that you’re going into Monday weigh-ins under much the same conditions, week after week. Consistent routine creates more reliable data points in your measurement conditions, giving you a more accurate trend in your weight loss.

Baby Steps

Write out a plan of what you’re going to measure every Monday: circumferences around certain areas (bicep, chest, waist, hips, thigh); scale weight; body fat composition (use skinfold calipers for this). Chart these results in a spreadsheet that you will update every week. Try this plan for the next 13 weeks (90 days) starting this Monday, and see how your weekend plans start to better support your weight loss journey.

I believe in you.

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