Starting off on your journey to a healthier you tends to feel exhilarating. Eating that first healthy dinner, finishing your first week in the gym, dancing through your 5th Zumba class–it’s all sunshine and rainbows, right? Of course, Lifestyle NRE (new relationship energy) works just like any other kind: eventually, it just becomes, well, life.

If you’ve reached the end of NRE with your lifestyle plan but still want the relationship to work, here’s 3 tips to keep you moving towards that weight rack:

Schedule time for your fitness.

I’m one procrastinating Dom. It’s easy to let myself off the hook from doing my workout because (I let) life get in the way. The solution? Schedule your workout times. Even if you’ve only got 15 minutes to devote to your fitness regimen, schedule it and execute when the time comes. Whatever time you have available for your workout, give it your best damn effort and get it done.

Prepped food outweighs fast food.

When it comes to food, preparation beats out “quick and easy” every single time. If you’re prone to hitting the drive-thru window because you didn’t have another option for lunch or dinner, make the time once a week to fix this issue. Carve out 2-3 hours on Sundays to prep your meals for the week: protein, carb, green veggie. Divide your fresh food into plastic containers, then it’s grab-and-go for the rest of the week. We’re creatures of habit, so developing this one keeps lunch money in your pocket and extra pounds off your belly.

Water bombs–book ’em and drink ’em.

For a year now, I’ve had a calendar alert go off on my phone every 5 hours to drop a water bomb down my throat. That means that, no matter what else happens in my day, I’m drinking a 16 oz. bottled water at least 3 times per day, every single day of my life. It’s healthier than sports drinks, cheaper than Coke, and even eases hunger cravings. Carry bottles with you in your purse or car so you’re always prepared when the alarm goes off. Don’t like room temperature water? Do it anyway.

Baby Steps

Lifestyle change can start off sunshine and roses, just like any other new relationship. It’s exciting to know that you’re making these new changes for your better health, just like that new relationship gives us the warm and fuzzies. Just remember: when that NRE glow finally dies off, it’s going to be your dedication that makes or breaks this new life you wanted all along. Stay the course.

I believe in you.

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