Accountability plays a big role in the health and fitness journey. Aside from having a clear goal in mind, the people that keep you on track with your new habits can make or break your lifestyle success. Hell, having a workout buddy or personal trainer can double your success rate in achieving that ideal body.

Accountability is great for reaching your health goals–you just need more than that to win.

See, a lot of people want to transform their health. They want to run farther, get lighter, and feel better in their own skin. Where you run into trouble is when people expect someone else to provide their motivation, too. See, motivation and accountability go well together–lean on each other, even–though they are not the same thing.

Motivation to make that lifestyle change has to come from within you. Your trainer can hold you accountable to the work, but it’s up to you to show up for the work to be done. It’s not always happy feels and leaping over to the gym, either. Motivation means that you stick with the goal you set for yourself, long after the happy feelings of setting that goal have left you.

Make that commitment to yourself to shift your lifestyle, your work habits, your eating habits. Dig deep to find that motivation to stay on track for those goals. Bring your work ethic to the table. I’ll happily bring the accountability.

I believe in you.

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