I came across this blog post that had some eye-opening things to say about weight loss plateaus. Here’s a quote that sums it up nicely:

Dieters need to know that the short-term goals of a weight loss program are to run into as many weight loss plateaus as necessary to hit that “final” weight loss plateau (unless the goal is to diet down to thin air). After all, the endpoint goal is a plateau of sorts; a purposeful stasis of the progress that was made.

How did you guys view your plateaus when you were losing the weight? Did you see them as setbacks on a journey that should have been a continual drop in pounds? Did you recognize these “necessary periods of equilibrium” for what they were–real evidence of progress?

4 thoughts on “Progression of Weight Loss Plateaus

    1. It’s pretty eye-opening, isn’t it? The end goal is to reach those longer weight plateaus. Maybe the reason we lose the same weight over and over is because we never switched from “lose weight” to “stay right here”? It’s definitely worth considering.

      What’s your experience been with weight loss?


      1. I think it’s all about long term maintaining and therefore finding your optimum plateau in this sense. I’ve always been lucky and maintained my weight give or take a few pounds however my fitness levels are the ones that yoyo and i get frustrated when I plateau on them – slightly different angle on the same concept


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