I’ll admit it: I had pizza for lunch today.

No, it wasn’t a full-sized pizza or anything like that; it was a 10-inch barbecue chicken job from Newk’s. As I was eating it, I thought to myself, “What the hell am I doing? I’m a health guy! I can’t eat like this.”

See, there’s that word: CAN’T. I can’t eat this. That’s like telling yourself that you aren’t allowed to make choices. I CAN eat what I want, so long as I’m willing to pay the price. See, that little pizza means I’ve got to go extra-hard on my workout tomorrow with Josh Taylor​. That little choice means that I pay the price of feeling bloated this afternoon instead of the lean guy I am. That pizza means that my gains or losses for the week took a big hit in the 8 minutes it took me to eat lunch.

I’ll pay the price today, and I’ll make a better choice tomorrow. It’s the average of our choices that create our life. Make sure the price you pay for those choices is worth what you get back from them. Now go be awesome. I’ve got to go drown that last choice in water.

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