I wanted to share some tips that I just sent one of my customers about his weight loss transformation. Some of it is specific to my company’s program, and all of it can be used to help someone else on their health journey. Message me if you have any questions or would like my help.

– Be patient with the process. It’s a 90 day challenge and, ultimately, a lifestyle change. Your results so far tend to correlate with the Shape Kit, so you’re on track.

– Eat. Those snacks in mid afternoon and late morning will help keep your metabolism going. Take in too few calories, and your body thinks that it’s starving. Ideas to try: almonds, Vi Bites, Greek yogurt (watch for sugar here). This Challenger puts forth some great ideas here:
This will also help with fatigue. If this continues, I recommend ordering Neuro, which gives a great afternoon mental boost without bumping sugar and caffeine.

– Hydrate. You’re drinking water already, which is great. The occasional water bomb can help meet your daily intake (aim for 1 gallon; falling short still gets more water in you than usual). I keep bottles of water with me at all times. Chug one down when you can, even if you don’t “feel” thirsty.

– Your body is adjusting. Like I said yesterday, our body can flush itself out when we change our nutrition intake. I went through the same thing 4 years ago. After a couple months on the Challenge, your body would react similarly if you suddenly started eating fried chicken twice a day. Adjustments are to be expected.

– Get active. One of the great things about a 90 day challenge is that you can tweak your behaviors over time. Start going for a walk around the block with your family. Take the kids to the park on weekends. Try the “earn your shower” workouts given below. Exercise boosts results, though it will never replace the good nutrition that you’re getting from your Vi shakes.

– Pay attention to results, not the scale. The scale is the weakest indicator of weight loss. Track your measurements weekly (chest, hips, waist, arms, thighs, neck) to see where your progress lies. Weigh yourself once per week, if needed, but never get too attached to that number. Remember: change happens daily, but it’s not an overnight transformation.

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